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History of


Getting started with wood

Our history with furniture began in the 1980s in Poland, as a hobby. The current owner of GAUPER AS, Grzegorz (Gregor) Kurowski, was planning to become a radio officer, and in the future the ship's captain. However, he became fascinated with wood and got to know its processing and potentials from scratch.


For 6 years, he gained qualifications in a carpentry workshop, where he received a diploma of a master in furniture. And on August 1, 1989, he opened his own carpentry company, which employed several people.

In 1994, he began producing chairs and bar tables, which turned out to be a sales hit in many local stores. Furniture store owners encouraged him to produce individual kitchen cabinets. Over time, this evolved into the production of entire sets of kitchen furniture. Since 1996, custom-designed kitchen furniture has become the company's main product.

In the following years, the sons joined the company. The offer has expanded to include wardrobes, wardrobes, bathroom furniture and all other custom-made furniture. Maximum efficiency was quickly achieved. Then Grzegorz decided to focus on a smaller number of projects, while increasing the quality.


Thanks to clients' recommendations, the projects were also implemented abroad. First in Germany, then in Sweden and Norway. Since 2005, most of the foreign projects have been implemented in Norway – especially Oslo and its vicinity.

Development of the company in Norway

After completing several projects in Vik, we were encouraged to open a business in the municipality of Sømna. At the end of 2015, Grzegorz Kurowski together with Nicolai Stensland registered the company Stensland AS. In 2016, a furniture store was opened in Vik.

As it turned out that most of our customers live in Brønnøysund, we decided to take a risk and open our second showroom there at Storgata 6. The residents of Sømna, who were coming to Brønnøysund for shopping anyway, started to visit us in the new location.

Therefore, at the end of 2019, a decision was made to close the store in Vik. It coincided with Grzegorz Kurowski taking over the full shares in the company and changing the name to GAUPER AS.


The current activities of the company include furniture design and production, assembly services and furniture service, as well as sale of furniture accessories and materials.

In addition to our own production, we cooperate with several renowned furniture manufacturers. At the end of 2020 years the company GAUPER AS was invited to represent in Norway a global manufacturer of sliding doors and wardrobes Komandor.

In 2021, we started cooperation with Venska. Thanks to this, we can offer our customers custom-made windows, doors and many other products with Norwegian quality certificates.

The marketing strategy of GAUPER AS is to precisely meet the needs of customers, thanks to which we are already serving the third generation and gaining permanent friends.

We are open to any comments and remarks that allow us to improve the quality of our services.

This job is our hobby!

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